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Meet Cissy the clown, also known as Katherine Horst. She has trained with the NY Goofs in New York City—plus both parents were performing clowns. Clowning is in the blood and it's a passion! Children can't get enough of Cissy's antics and love the personal attention they get from her. When not a clown, Kate is a fine artist who displays her collage landscapes all over the Susquehanna Valley.

Watch the Clip

To know her is to love her! Wherever she goes, Cissy brings the fun. Check out our brief promotional clip highlighting the joy that is Cissy.

Becoming Cissy

Cissy is a bundle of energy. She's been described as a 1000-watt light bulb. But if you think BEING Cissy is hard, check out what goes into BECOMING Cissy!

I Didn't Do It!

Entertainment at community festivals usually includes law enforcement who are there to connect with and educate the community. This was bound to happen.

Juggling Under Pressure

When getting your blood pressure taken, it's important that you relax, sit still, don't crossing your legs, and make sure you're not juggling.