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The Man

The Man, also known as Jason Horst, is an accomplished juggler and has been performing since his teens. And while his skill set includes the standard juggling props of balls, rings and clubs, he loves integrating everyday objects such as tent poles and ladles. When not performing, Jason runs Piksl Design (creating websites like this one) and has launched a line of juggling-based designs and products under the Joculare brand.

Watch the Clips

The Man divides his time between keeping Cissy in line and juggling. The video below features the latter! Contact Jason today to see if Cissy and The Man would be a good fit for your next event.

Juggling Club Capers

At a recent meeting of the Lancaster Throwback Juggling Club, Jason had fun experimenting with some serious, and some not-so-serious juggling patterns.

Wine Bottles

Enjoy these highlights from a wine bottle routine Jason has been putting together. It's rather dangerous and also a bit messy depending upon the skill of the juggler!

Interview with a Juggler

Before a recent performance, Jason was briefly interviewed about juggling. Learn more about "The Man" plus find out the strangest things he's ever juggled!