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We like to have fun! And occasionally we capture that fun on video—everything from performance clips to silly skits to juggling antics. Follow our activities via our YouTube Channel and be notified when we post new videos. In the meantime, check out some of our favorite videos below (both as Cissy and The Man and as Jason & Kate).

Featured Videos

Joy in Church

What does it look like when a clown and a juggler take the stage on a Sunday morning? This video gives a detailed look at our current ministry show.

Traffic Jamming

It was Kate's birthday. We were traveling home from the beach and got stuck on the Wright Memorial Bridge for two hours. There was one thing to do. Juggle.


Everyone needs a little pick-me-up. Even clowns. And Starbucks baristas. It's always a good time when Cissy visits and spreads joy in places of business.

Our 2019 U-GRO Tour

In July we visited thirteen U-GRO Learning Centres locations. Since we can't show the children, here is a short summary of that tour—told via Boomerangs.

Fall Training

Not only does fall bring pumpkins and spice—it also brings festivals, carnivals and fairs! We're working hard to keep in shape so that we're ready for YOUR event!

The Setup

We love our stage. It adds color and excitement to any room. This is a fun time-lapse of our setup process from the Matthews Public Library in Fredericksburg, PA.

Where We Feed on Eels

Great volunteers make a show special. At Camp Swatara in Bethel, PA, we found Doug to be very special indeed as we quizzed him on the history of the camp.

Forest Fling

Flinging in the forest, fearfully fast amongst the flora and the fauna. Feel not flummoxed nor filled with fright as the clubs fly not far from your face!

Kitchen Fun

This short routine earned us a call from The Chew (on ABC) wanting to feature us on their show. Sadly, the timing didn't work out—we're still hoping for a call back!

Time Lax

Setting up for a show sure is a lot of work—isn't it, Cissy? This is a behind-the-scenes look at the effort that goes into setting up a Cissy and The Man stage show!

The St Margaret Mary Show

Highlights from a 2018 show at St Margaret Mary in Harrisburg, PA. The crowd was great, the "volunteers" were superb, the thunderstorms held off, and we had our own choir of floss dancers!

Passes around the Masses

We do so enjoy passing clubs around people. While on a family vacation we convinced a bunch of family members to step into the middle of the spinning clubs.

Pastor Gerald and Pastor Rosco

At Harvest Bible Chapel's annual picnic at WJTL's Junction Center tent, Cissy and The Man thought it best that they handle the greeting and announcements.

Juggling Museum Fun

Recently we visited juggler, juggling historian, and friend, David Cain and his juggling museum in Ohio. After a thorough museum tour, we had a blast brainstorming and juggling with David.

Fall Shorts: Introducing Daisy

People always ask us when our children will be in the act. Our daughter asks us the same thing constantly, so we decided to create a series of videos with her. This one is our favorite.

Christmas 2017

With a little help from Daisy the clown, we dusted off some old instruments in an attempt to spread some Christmas cheer. Oh, and check out the outtakes at the end. It was cold.

Camp Rock’s Circus Track

Here's a fun promotion we put together for Camp Rock. If your child has enjoyed seeing us perform, they will love having us as teachers! Details at

Learn Juggling/Clowning at Camp Rock

Each July Cissy and The Man teach a week-long track on juggling and clowning at Camp Rock, a premiere creative arts camp for kids. Sign your child up today!