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For the past five years, Cissy and The Man have been performing stage shows for hundreds of audiences. Our shows are running storylines that integrate, juggling, clowning, balancing, skits, and audience participation. And whether the show is for a church, a daycare, or a business function, we are always happy to customize the show by working in a custom theme. We also offer roaming entertainment for festivals and functions of all types.

Where We've Performed

The map below shows the majority of places we'ver performed over the years. Clicking any marker will provide you with some information about the event. You'll find we perform for all types of audiences, in many formats, and in a variety of venues. Could we enhance your next event? Contact us today to start the conversation.

Upcoming Appearances

July 8–19, 2019 – U-GRO Learning Centres

Tour of 13 locations | Stage Shows | Private

August 9, 2019 – U-GRO Summer Camp Palooza

Elizabethtown, PA | Multiple Stage Shows | Private